Backbone-like frontend library

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bower install owl.js


npm install owl.js


Languages: ES5, ES6, TypeScript.

Modules: CommonJS, amd.

Libraries: React.


To start examples server

cd examples
npm start


owl.js is simple library similar to backbone.js, without dependency on underscore.js and jQuery. If you know backbone.js you mostly know owl.js.

The library uses MVC as main pattern. owl.Model is responsible for representing data from server based on REST architecture. owl.View is responsible for rendering view it can use any template engine to do it or generate DOM manually. owl.Controller is responsible for business logic.

Also there is few classes out of the main pattern.

owl.Router is created to manage pages based on URL. It contains records named routes. Each route contains path and a controller that will be called for specified path.

owl.Collection is an array of owl.Models it is created to represent model sets.

In is not necessary to use all of those classes, for example you can use React components instead of owl.View.


Run unit tests

karma start


npm test